Restaurant & Terrace

Restaurantul Domnesc – Historic Monument

The traditional setting of our restaurant is given by its placement in the historic monument Casa Valsanescu, which dates from the end of the XIXth century. The interior of the building was modernized during the XXth century, while still preserving some authentic elements like its porch, which is the centerpiece of the monument.


Romanian cuisine is diverse and rich in flavours, aromas and colors, strongly influenced by Romanian traditions and history, and its inviting dishes are known and praised all over the world. The exquisite flavors and spices used in our kitchen, combined with the spectacular landscapes will provide moments of relaxation and pampering to all our guests.

Modern Terrace

We invite you to our modern terrace, to enjoy a delicious coffee or a lovely dinner with your loved ones, while at the same time discovering the association between modern architectural pieces with elements dating from the nineteenth century, which gives our terrace the air of a relaxed and friendly place.